The 35-Second Reset — one question to switch gears

Hello friends,

Wow, what a time! Many of us are feeling tossed about by external circumstances, finding it hard to come back to center. In this chaotic moment, I want to offer the lowest-cost, highest-reward centering practice I can think of. It’s just one question:

When was a time I felt like myself?

Give yourself 3 seconds to look away from your screen and remember one time—picture it, smell it, sense it. Who was there? How were you holding yourself?

Then bring your attention inside and notice what’s happening in your body. Stay with the physical sensation of being yourself for about 30 seconds—allowing each cell to absorb and memorize this state.

All told, this should be a 35-second practice that has the capacity to transform your state of being and shift your day.

Let me know how it goes!

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