Dan Jedynak

Somatic Practitioner


“I worked with Dan during a painful breakup, and our sessions were like finding the calm in the center of the storm. His attuned presence helped me contact my strong emotions in a safe way. I left each session with some kind of potent image or sensation that helped me stay more clear, resourced, and centered even in a tough time. I highly recommend his gentle, powerful guidance!”

“Dan really creates a sweet yet powerful space for inner reflection and discovery. In his humble guidance, leading from a sincerely non-judgmental and compassionate place, I was able to relax into trust and spaciousness. With his welcoming and accepting energy, I explored parts of myself often asking for my attention but not getting it. As a transformational space-holder myself, I’ve experienced a lot of healing modalities––and I am astonished to feel relief from some chronic physical pain, coupled with more acceptance and integration in my emotional body––thanks to supportive sessions with Dan.”

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