Emma is an amazing listener with an open heart and mind that make me feel at home whenever I work with her. It’s impossible to talk to her without connecting deeper to myself.


I can’t express my gratitude enough that this beautiful person exists in the world. Work with her if you get the chance because she’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Crystal G.


I loved working with Emma and have been raving about her to my friends!


I decided to work with her because I felt I had at least a few attachment entities who had been around for some time. I thought it would be an intense and traumatic experience ordering them out, but Emma helped guide me to make it a really beautiful experience, much more gentle than I thought it could be.


She started by helping me connect to spirit with a breathing exercise and then a guided visualization, with the goal of finding my spirit animal to help with the release. After that sparkly experience, she guided me to connect with the attached entities one by one, understanding their perspective and purpose, then gently assuring them that they have done their job and to go back to spirit to either find the next person to help or to attain their own physical form (rather than using mine!)


I thought this would be something I would need to heal from and want to forget (why I avoided it for so long) but Emma helped this become an experience I will always remember fondly!

Health Coach

I can’t say enough about Emma’s unique skill set, and the difference she made for me. I am sure you will agree!

Kathy Gambino, RN, MDiv
Suncrest Hospice Spiritual Care Coordinator

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to sing your praises!


I came to Emma with a fraught relationship with writing. Her deep listening and nonjudgmental kindness was just the salve I needed to put aside my shame and discontent about my writing and get the work done! 

Her ability to truly partner with the person she’s working with is what I appreciate most! Emma’s flexibility to work in a way that is best for me has been invaluable.​

Jody Mayer
MDiv Cand.

I am truly grateful for Emma!!

She has been a life-saver for me. She is an excellent listener. She is creative, speaks well, is intelligent, expressive, professional, reliable, detail-oriented, and is able to express what I am trying to say better than me at times. She is and has been an absolute life-saver for me.


I’ve never been happier to pay someone!

Rev. J. Ranieri

The work that Dara and I did together drastically improved my quality of life. I was suffering from severe anxiety and depression that were preventing me from functioning. Shortly after the first session, I gained insight into past traumas and began to consciously let go of the remnants that were weighing me down.


The release had begun subconsciously, no doubt, during the first session. The subsequent sessions were no less effective at accelerating the healing process. In a short period of time, my anxiety and depression have subsided, I have reconnected with myself and my surroundings and have reached a functional state.


These things would not have happened without Dara. She is a healer. Her intuition and approach are incredibly effective. I highly recommend Dara’s work

Scott M

Early in my relationship with Dara, she voiced an observation that has carried me through extraordinary moments in my own life. She told me that rituals ripple in both directions: backwards into the past, forward into the future. The moment we pursue a healer’s help is already an instance of our own self-healing, so the work of a healer marks both a completion of one step in the our healing journey and the beginning of the next. Dara approaches her practice from a place of equality, and ritualizes a space in which the client feels empowered to take up the mantle of their own healing with her support. I fully endorse Dara as an energy worker, intuitive, and advocate. 

Luke B