Journey to the Lower World: Meeting Your Plant Ally


File Format: .mp3

Length: 24 mins 44 secs

Would you like to feel supported by a guide from the plant world? Of course you would. In this 25-minute audio meditation, you will journey into the dreamworld of imagery, where you will find a plant attuned specifically to you and your needs.


What would it be like to have an inner friend who you could summon whenever need be? Someone who brought an embodied sense of protection, strength, balance, and support into your life?

Establishing a connection with a plant ally is a powerful way to begin building a relationship with the world of spirits. Plants are beautiful and benevolent beings who want to help us grow into our full potential. They have so much wisdom to offer.

This 25-minute audio file is a guided journey to meet your plant ally, set to a hypnotic background of binaural beats. It is also a great way to get a small taste of the work offered in our plant apprenticeships.

Dara del Rio | Years ago, Dara’s life was saved by a powerful medicine woman & shaman. The chance encounter altered the course of her life. Dara’s vision asks for a depth of healing that is only possible when mind, body, and spirit are given equal attention and weight. Her approach incorporates somatic awareness and shamanic practices that encourage and facilitate direct communication with the natural world, drawing inspiration from Amazonian, Buddhist, and Taoist healing traditions. She strives to maintain cohesion & clarity in her work with clients, keeping it simple, grounded, balanced, and slow.