Connecting To The Inner Child Audio + Integration Journal


File Format: .mp3

Length: 21 mins 42 secs

In this 22-minute audio meditation, you will start to build or deepen your connection with a younger part of yourself: with their brilliance and vibrance, as well as the places they may need support and healing.


When we are young, we are naturally more connected and open to the world around us. It is easier to touch into feelings of joy and awe without self-consciousness or embarrassment. Yet, because we are more impressionable to our surroundings, we are also more easily hurt. In this meditation, we explore playing with our inner child and reclaiming the magic and awe we effortlessly touched into when we were young. This 22-minute audio file is a guided journey to establish a deeper connection with your inner child, set against a soothing background of binaural beats. After listening to the meditation, you can work with our 4-page Integration Journal, which includes prompts and room for notes, in order to deepen the connection. This exploration is also a great way to get a small taste of the work offered in our ongoing shamanic healing sessions. Dara del Rio | Years ago, Dara’s life was saved by a powerful medicine woman & shaman. The chance encounter altered the course of her life. Dara’s vision asks for a depth of healing that is only possible when mind, body, and spirit are given equal attention and weight. Her approach incorporates somatic awareness and shamanic practices that encourage and facilitate direct communication with the natural world, drawing inspiration from Amazonian, Buddhist, and Taoist healing traditions. She strives to maintain cohesion & clarity in her work with clients, keeping it simple, grounded, balanced, and slow.