Earth Connection


File Format: .mp3

Length: 23 mins 08 secs

A 23-minute audio to help you access the power and groundedness of your innate connection to the earth element, the central element of Taoist philosophy.


We disconnect from the larger earth outside of us and our smaller earth inside of us when we go through situations that are too painful to process. When this disconnection becomes a habit, we suffer.

In this meditation, we look at our connection to the earth and its importance to the center of our being. We explore the power of being with the earth as a way to reconnect to ourselves, and the larger world around us.

This 23-minute audio file is a guided somatic journey into deeper layers of ourselves, set to binaural beats attuned to the earth’s natural harmonic frequencies. It is also a great way to get a small taste of the work offered in our ongoing shamanic healing sessions.

Dara del Rio | Years ago, Dara’s life was saved by a powerful medicine woman & shaman. The chance encounter altered the course of her life. Dara’s vision asks for a depth of healing that is only possible when mind, body, and spirit are given equal attention and weight. Her approach incorporates somatic awareness and shamanic practices that encourage and facilitate direct communication with the natural world, drawing inspiration from Amazonian, Buddhist, and Taoist healing traditions. She strives to maintain cohesion & clarity in her work with clients, keeping it simple, grounded, balanced, and slow.