Installing the Inner Ally Meditation + Integration Journal

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Length: 24 mins 27 secs

In this 24-minute audio, you will go beneath the surface into the psychic realm of the unseen, allowing your right brain to take you where you need to go for greater healing and wholeness. Includes a 6-page Integration Journal.


Do you feel like you could use more support, more guidance, more inner knowing, more power?

There is an ally waiting for you, a competent protector from deep in your subconscious, waiting to be found and put to work.

Finding an inner ally can take only ~20 minutes, but if you are willing to develop a relationship with what you find, it could be one of the most important practices you ever do. My own ally is a daily resource for centering, strength, humor, and courage.

This practice comes with a 24-minute audio and a 6-page Inner Ally Integration Journal for grounding and metabolizing what you’ve found.


I did not have an 1:1 session with Emma but I did do one of her guided meditations and wanted to share my thoughts because it is something that is available for download for anyone who’d like try.

Her offering, Finding Your Inner Ally, was a really great experience. I have done guided meditations before, but what stood out to me about this one is that Emma’s approach is so accessible. Her style is very direct and creates a feeling of safety and empowerment. I never felt pressured to feel certain things and knew if I wanted to I could stop at any time.

Ultimately, I did meet an ally and it brought me a message that was very timely and appreciated in that moment. I look forward to revisiting the practice in the future as well.

If anyone would like to get a feel for what working with Emma might be like I definitely recommend trying one of her meditations.

Margaret Crowley

I found this meditation extremely relaxing and empowering! Working with Emma is a pleasure. She has the ability to help you bring your mind to a place of comfort and strength. I enjoyed the experience very much!


Emma Sartwell, MDiv, CYT | Emma holds a Master of Divinity from Naropa University and is a registered psychotherapist. She combines Somatic Experiencing, parts work, shamanic principles, and mindfulness into her sessions, which focus on nervous system regulation, trauma integration, attachment patterning, inner critics and inner children, and ancestral healing. Her deepest joy is helping people feel more integrated, authentic, and connected.