Return Policy

*Last updated May 2021

We aren’t perfect. And neither is everything we do and create. We also do not expect everything we offer to work for every person.

When it comes to downloaded digital products, we understand that it might not fit you perfectly or be exactly what you were looking for. If this happens, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions so that we can elaborate on the material or aid you in connecting with it in a deeper way. 

If this does not appeal to you, or you are simply dissatisfied, let us know.
We offer a full refund for downloaded purchases within 30 days of purchase.

Please send any of these questions, comments, or return requests to:
emma @ 
When it comes to counseling sessions, we still are not perfect. One of the most therapeutic aspects of counseling is the building of a secure relationship between client and therapist. And relationships are never perfect either. We therefore encourage all our clients to let their clinician know anytime something is not working for them.

We know that asking for what we want, or protesting what we don’t is hard and healing. Addressing issues arising in the therapeutic relationship is therapy. Of this we are certain.

Therefore, we do not offer any refunds for counseling/coaching services. 
If you are not satisfied, let your clinician know. If the issue is still not resolved, email our Managing Supervisor at:
chris @