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Embodiment Experientials

Regulate, Resource + Heal in Your Body

Online Group Meetings

In these 1.5-hour groups, you will:

  • Understand the benefits of embodiment

  • Learn quick and easy skills to regulate your nervous system

  • Directly experience the healing wisdom and power of your body in a safe and trauma-informed space

  • Connect more deeply with yourself and others through your embodied presence

Experientials are held about once per month. Register above to view upcoming dates and times. These are open group meetings, and you may attend as many Experientials as you like.

There is a suggested donation of $30-$50 to attend an Embodiment Experiential, $10-$30 if you’re a student or a member of a historically oppressed population. 

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About the Facilitator

Dan Halpern MA LPCC Somatic Trauma Therapist + Spiritual Integration Specialist

Dan Halpern, MA LPCC is a counselor and lifelong spiritual practitioner, bridging the gap between modern mental health and timeless wisdom.

As a somatic counselor, Dan helps self-aware adults heal from trauma, anxiety, relationship issues, and integrate their spirituality in their daily lives. He has spent years in training and service as a counselor, working on a crisis line, on a hospice team, and supporting adults with developmental disabilities, as well as decades of meditation, retreats, and spiritual study and practice in many different mystical and world wisdom traditions.

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