Body + Mind + Spirit

All of our services embrace mindfulness and strive for a regulated nervous system. We believe that the body, mind, and spirit must be worked with to uncover lasting healing and stir inspiring purpose.

Body-based counseling for adults and teens

If you are looking to build a more intimate relationship with your body, understand what it is trying to tell you, and digest old experiences, Somatic Therapy is for you. This is often a next step for people who have done talk therapy in the past and know that there is a deeper level of healing available, but aren’t quite sure how to access it.

Body-based counseling for adults and teens

Somatic Experiencing   is a nervous system-based modality that helps us integrate overwhelming or fearful experiences on the deepest levels. This isn’t just about understanding what happened to us; it’s about processing the charge of our experiences on the level of muscles and nerves, so that we feel even greater health and capacity than we had before the difficult experience.

Body-based couples therapy to resolve problems + deepen connection

Our style of couples counseling is all about building embodied safety and trust between two (or more) partners. If we are in a relationship, we are committing to being in each other’s care, and it takes time and practice to learn what giving and receiving true care for ourselves and our partners looks like and feels like.

Spiritual-but-not-religious healing work  for connecting to seen and unseen parts of ourselves

In Shamanic Healing, we use guided imagery to explore what our subconscious is trying to tell us. Often, our systems are trying to heal and offer us resources of support, but we just haven’t learned the language to access these gifts. In these sessions, we deepen our relationships with ourselves, our ancestors, and the unseen realms.

Integration work as an integral part of the healing process with psychedelics

Have you had an intense positive or negative experience with psychedelics? In either case, we often need time and support for those experiences to become part of the fabric of our everyday lives, something that informs that way we live now in a grounded and embodied way.

Communion with and integration of  plant spirits through guided interaction and support

In a Plant Spirit Apprenticeship, we build a relationship with a particular plant (e.g. rose or lavender), learning ways to connect with its wisdom and integrate its lessons into our everyday lives. This practice is usually a commitment of two weeks, in which we partake in a small daily ritual with our chosen plant.

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