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Somatic Practitioner

Somatic Trauma Therapist + Spiritual Integration Specialist

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Psychedelics + the Nervous System


How Can Psychedelic Integration Help?

  • safety + security

  • feeling loved

  • being enough

  • past traumas

  • health issues (chronic pain, digestion, autoimmunity)

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • spiritual bypassing

  • spiritual emergence/y

  • sense of personal + universal purpose

  • communication with plants, animals & spirits

  • psychic abilities

Plant Biology

What to Expect?

Psychedelic Integration is a newly emergent field, just starting to be recognized. Our approach in this work is holistic—meaning we will not only discuss the actual psychedelic experiences you have had, but also explore how these experiences weave into all other aspects of your lived experience.

For trauma resolution and integration, the best approach we have found is through somatic-based practices. We will focus on developing the foundation of a felt sense of safety and orient ourselves more deeply to our larger environment. Often, simply resourcing ourselves in an intentionally held space can help body sensations and any feelings that arise move through us, resolve, and release unfinished energy and emotions held in the body. Protectors, guides, and helpful spirits that we may already have a connection with through our psychedelic experiences can greatly aid in this process.

With strong rootedness in our body, we can then more safely and sustainably explore the higher levels of consciousness psychedelics opens us up to. Based on your natural strengths and abilities, we can work together to help you ground emergent spiritual qualities and abilities into this reality.

Psychedelic Integration FAQ


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Psychedelic Integration Video Transcript

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